Working dogs Only!

Zerberuzdk & Tangobulldog´s Malinois

Malinois is the choice for me when we talk dogs who can do both. Be a family dog
and at the same time, a home protector and K9 Partner.

Zerberuzdk & Tangobulldog´s Malinois

Malinois was the choice because i needed a high drive dog that would challenge

me. But also be the kind of dog that would understand my needs and wanted to 

please me 100%. The Malinois is that kind of dog for me.




Malinois was for me the perfect dog to begin a new era with. I have for years

been into American Bulldogs, Staff´s, crosses of these types of dogs. And have 

come to an understanding with them on a certain level i cannot describe.

Too many fall in love with these impressive working dogs from the past that we 

now own as family dogs. But mostly, these bulldog looking types come from

shelter´s where they were left for dead by their breeder.

So breed if you can improve THE BREED YOU GOT. But buy from shelter if you´re 

first time owner. I cannot say how you need to live your life. But i can advise you

on how to behave and act when you got a dog.

Just because you see me do this, that doesn´t mean you can buy a dog, go to

work and stil expect for you to have the dog do the same. I am with my dogs 98%

of my time. That´s why my have well trained and good manered stable dogs.

But if things happen, they will react!!!!